8 tips for falling asleep quickly

Today, 30 to 35% of adults suffer from insomnia. It is also the same percentage of people who visit their mobile phone just woke up. Coincidence? Probably not ! Today, we’ll help you fall asleep easily with these 7 simple tips.

The potatoes of sleep

It is best to eat a light meal 2 to 3 hours before bed, consisting of carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, cereals, legumes and … potatoes.

If you like herbal teas, try chamomile, valerian or lavender which have a relaxing effect. But beware, mint is a stimulant!

If you are pregnant, the rules are a little different: pay attention to what you can and can not eat for the good health of your baby.

It’s time to take out your pen!

What is happening in your mind also affects your body and your sleep. That’s why it’s important to stay positive. Keep a notebook near your bed and write down the positive things that happened to you during the day. You do not find much? Your day should not be as catastrophic as you think … We all have elements in our lives that make us happy and small joys every day, even the satisfaction of having accomplished a task, the smile a member of his family or the pretty flowers on your balcony. If you are worried about things or need to be treated the next day, you can also write them down to prevent your brain from reminding you once in bed. Writing will help you to relax and calmly prepare for sleep.

Zen with yoga

Doing a short, gentle yoga session is great for relaxing. Some positions not only allow you to stretch your muscles, but also “connect with your breathing,” says Darcie Clark, a yoga teacher in Toronto. When you slow down and maintain a posture, you can feel the parts of your body that are tense and resistant to the stress of the day and you will release the tension simply by breathing in the posture. “Stretching, especially before bedtime, also has a calming effect,” says Nikos Apostolopoulos, director of the Microstretching Clinic in Vancouver. You can discover the movements recommended in our dedicated article.

Forget hot baths

Our body lowers its internal temperature to sleep, it is a warm bath (37 ° C maximum) that will soothe you. You can add Epsom salts with some essential oils known to help you fall asleep. For example, try Marjoram with shells, exotic Verbena or Ravintsara, which has a role of muscle relaxant.

ASMR or brain orgasm

Have you heard of it ? This phenomenon is gaining momentum and thousands of videos are blooming on YouTube. The ASMR, or Automatic Response of Sensory Meridians, is a way to test your nerve and brain connections through auditory stimulation. This can be materialized by whispers, tapping objects, the crumpling of paper, or the sound of the rake in the sand of a Zen garden. The possibilities are poor! Listening to these sounds usually produces chills around the scalp and deep relaxation.

8 tips for falling asleep quickly